Pushing the Boundaries of Shape-Cutting
Through Innovation

abrasive waterjet without the waste

The World's First Closed-Loop Abrasive Cutting System
Integrated Abrasive Recycling
Patent-pending SlurryLoop technology recycles abrasive for reuse in real time, eliminating the mess and cost of abrasive handling.
Reduced Waste
Standard in every system, SlurryLoop enables SlurryJet to reuse the cutting fluid, meaning no need to deal with the disposal of water and abrasive that's been contaminated with what you've cut.
Low Downtime
SlurryLoop, in combination with a patent-pending innovative nozzle design, allows SlurryJet to run longer between stops.
Efficient & Affordable
A new low pressure cutting process allows for high quality parts, at a much lower cost than outsourcing.

Disrupting the Waterjet Material Stream

The Conventional Waterjet Material Stream is linear

Abrasive Mine Water Jet Landfill
Abrasive cutting media is extracted from the earth using industrial mining operations The water jet system jets abrasive media to quickly cut out parts Abrasive is typically disposed after one use, as conventional recycling is too expensive

SlurryJet is a Cycle

With slurryloop technology, this one-way stream is turned into a cycle, reducing waste

Cutting down your shape-cutting Expenses

In-house waterjet at a fraction of the price

Save money and time by expanding your in-house shop capabilities with SlurryJet.
When comparing the same short run of custom parts, SlurryJet beat online outsourcing competition:

Conventional waterjet SlurryJet
~$200 $20
1 week 1 hour

Severely Reduced Abrasive Consumption

Conventional waterjet SlurryJet
62,500 lbs annually 48 lbs annually
SlurryJet consumes far less abrasive per part, saving you time & money

Key advancements

Innovative Nozzle Design
The SlurryJet nozzle was developed by taking a look at existing technologies, and innovating from the ground up. The result is a nozzle that can deliver a higher mass flow rate of abrasive at a given pressure, while simultaneously reducing internal wear.
Low Pressure Cutting
With a higher relative mass flow rate of abrasive, SlurryJet is able to operate at lower pressure. This reduces both the cost of the system, and the maintenance it requires.
Integrated Recycling System
The SlurryLoop reuse system enables SlurryJet to take full advantage of the abrasive. Little to no abrasive break down within the nozzle means nearly all of it can be reused, with no loss in cutting performance.

The Team

Erik Johnson

Co-Founder & President

Erik co-founded Synticos in 2013 with Dr. Robert C. Dean Jr. with the mission of improving the physics of abrasive jet cutting. Erik is passionate about pushing the waterjet industry to new levels of both performance and cost through the innovations within SlurryJet. When not in the lab, Erik can most likely be found either hanging out with his amazing family (and chickens) or tinkering with one of his old Volkswagens or motorcycles.

Alex Perkins

Sustainable Manufacturing R & D Engineer

Alex primarily focuses on fluid instrumentation and feedback, ensuring that the abrasive and base fluid maintain consistency, cut after cut. He has his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Vermont. Before joining Synticos, Alex designed and built various renewable and waste-to-energy systems. In his personal time, Alex loves long walks on the beach with his dog, Mako.

Read Frost

Sustainable Manufacturing R & D Engineer

Read joined the team in late 2019 after graduating from the University of Vermont with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering the same year. He focuses on hardware interfacing and control systems, mainly with our fluid recycling systems. Outside of work, Read is either building, drawing, or photographing something. Or he is rock climbing.

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