The holy grail of abrasive waterjet.

Efficient & affordable

A new low pressure cutting process allows for high quality parts, at a much lower cost than both in house production and outsourcing.

Reduced waste

Standard in every system, SlurryLoop enables SlurryJet to reuse the cutting fluid, meaning no need to deal with the disposal of water and abrasive that's been contaminated with what you've cut. Learn more about Sustainability

Low downtime

SlurryLoop, in combination with a patent-pending innovative nozzle design, allows SlurryJet to run longer between maintenance stops. This means less time spent fixing problems and more time spent cutting.

Simple and easy to use

Straightforward controls and intelligent control software make it easy to operate SlurryJet, reducing operator training time and simplifying maintenance.

Innovative new technologies, included.

New nozzle. New possibilities.

A completely redesigned nozzle flow geometry allows for faster cutting with significantly reduced internal collisions. This design enables over 95% of the abrasive to be reused, compared to only 30% in a conventional waterjet. This also enables the nozzle inserts to last longer without increasing component cost.

Integrated abrasive recycling

Patent-pending SlurryLoop technology recycles abrasive for reuse in real time, eliminating the mess and cost of abrasive handling. Learn more about SlurryLoop

Continuous operation

Traditional suspension jets are unable to run continuously, and must operate in 'batches'. Through an innovative dual pressurized cylinder pumping system, Synticos has solved this problem. This innovation, combined with SlurryLoop, enables SlurryJet to run continuously.

Designed for Industry 4.0

SlurryJet houses a suite of sensors enabling it to be automated and monitored remotely. It is a fully equipped Industrial Internet of Things compatible machine, ready to participate in the Industry 4.0 revolution.

Out perform outsourcing.

SlurryJet allows you to take control of your manufacturing by providing convenient shape-cutting capability in any space. This can save you both time and money, while still yielding a higher quality part. We compared orders of five identical parts to see how much can be saved with SlurryJet, and here's what we found:

Competitor A Competitor B SlurryJet
One Week 3 Days Less Than 1 Hour
$140 $260 Less Than $80

Mesh back cap featuring a powdercoated aluminum Synticos logo cut out using SlurryJet, in teal over navy blue.

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